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prefabricated home Next Modular Goshen IN

Manufactured or Modular Home – What’s the Difference?

When we talk about modular homes, people sometimes imagine a double-wide sitting at the local mobile home park. However, if this is what you picture, then you are probably confused regarding the differences between mobile, manufactured, prefabricated, and modular homes. Most of the confusion stems from the fact that people

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What to Expect When Building a New Home

Congratulations, you’re building a new home! You are about to embark on an exciting, challenging, and ultimately rewarding journey. While new home construction is a lot of fun at times, it definitely has its share of challenges. At Next Modular, we work hard to give you the best experience we

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The #1 Best Rafter Style for Garages

Storage space is a high priority on every home owner’s list. Regardless of the amount of people in your home or your range of hobbies and interests, you will encounter the ever growing need for more storage space. There are obvious locations throughout the house where you can cram and

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3 Reasons You’ll Love a Cape Cod Style Modular Home

As experienced turnkey home builders, we can tell you that turnkey prefab homes are the best and easiest option for a stress-free build. However, because hiring a builder for turnkey modular homes costs a little more than when you run the job yourself, many people must contend with the space

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5 Advantages of an Open Floorplan in a Modular Home

If you’re in the market for a new home and looking at prefab home plans, you might be thinking through the advantages and disadvantages of an open floor plan or “open concept” as it’s also called. The great thing about modular home floor plans is that there are lots of

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Different Options When Financing a Modular Home

Modular homes are a great investment in your future, but like most good investments – getting it takes some effort and often a lot of paperwork. If you’re searching for a modular home, you’re likely also searching for the best way to pay for it. Here are a few different

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How To Build a Modular Home Foundation

Modular homes, or “prefab homes,” are a great way to build a new home and save up to 15%! Many modular home builders will offer general contractor services to go with the purchase of your home. The purpose of the general contractor is to do all of the site prep,

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modular home market

Is the Modular Home Market Going Up?

The impact of COVID-19 on the housing market has been astronomic. With limited availability and skyrocketing prices, first-time homebuyers are having a hard time finding a house within their budget. Tuition bills, living expenses, and other costs also factor into this decision. Due to the high demand for housing, potential

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How Are Modular Homes Inspected?

Modular homes are an affordable and easy way to ensure you get a home suited to you. Much like any house your modular home needs to meet the building requirements of the area that you live in. Inspections during the construction process will help make certain your home is ready

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tell if a home is modular

How Can You Tell if a Home is Modular?

With the housing shortage due to the recent pandemic, many people have turned to affordable housing alternatives. Of all these options none does their job quite as well as modular housing. If you don’t know much about the topic it’s difficult to tell if a home is modular or not.

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Has the Cost of Building Materials Gone Up?

Whether you’re looking to buy or build a house if you’ve been in the home market recently you may have noticed a large increase in the cost of building materials. This is due to a variety of factors that have made buying a home both unappealing and unaffordable. So why

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Are Open Floor Plans a Thing of The Past?

Due to the recent pandemic, you may have found yourself constantly stuck at home. Because of this, many people have started to reconsider certain aspects of their house. Open floor plans have been popular for a while, but now they might be turning into a thing of the past. So

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10 Great Ideas for Your Finished Basement

Your basement is a key part of your house but deciding what to do with it after it is finished can be difficult. There are many uses for a basement, and deciding which one will benefit you the most is important. When designing a purpose for your finished basement you

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repair a damaged driveway

How to Repair a Damaged Driveway

Your driveway is an essential part of everyday life. However, due to its constant use as well as exposure to the elements, your driveway will inevitably wear down and become damaged over time. In order to increase your home’s curb appeal, you must repair your driveway as needed. Here’s how

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maintain a modular home

How Do You Maintain A Modular Home?

Living in a modular home is a comfortable and affordable choice for anyone looking to find a new place to live. That being said, it still needs care and maintenance to keep it in tip-top shape. Doing this will not only keep its value high but also lets you nip

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The History Behind Modular Home Construction

Many people consider modular homes to be an invention or fad of the late 20th century. However, a glance at history tells us that modular home construction actually began long ago due to practicality. What is the history behind modular home construction, and how does it affect modular homes today?

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avoid construction waste Next Modular Goshen IN

Construction Waste: The Hidden Cost of Building a Home

If you have ever considered building a modular home, you have probably budgeted for materials, appliances, labor, warranties, etc. However, most homebuilders fail to consider the greatest threat to their housing budget: construction waste. Exactly how does construction waste occur, and why is it such a hidden cost? More importantly,

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7 Outdoor Trends for Your Home This Spring

If you are in the process of spring cleaning or updating your home, chances are high that you are focused on the inside. After spending so much time in quarantine lately, most people are ready for an update. However, sprucing up your home’s exterior is just as important as updating

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Interior Design Tips for Your Modular Home

You’ve built your dream home and now it’s time to decorate. Interior design professionals will give you all sorts of advice and “rules” to follow. However, rules are subjective when it comes to personal decor. Your home should be a comfortable space that makes you happy. That said, if you

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Prepare your home for a freeze

How to Prepare Your Home for a Hard Freeze

When you build a new home with Next Modular, it will be tightly sealed and very well insulated, keeping you warm and cozy without the worry of freezing water pipes. But if you haven’t built your beautiful new home with us yet, you may find yourself in an older home

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heat efficient modular home Next Modular

Are Modular Homes Heat Efficient?

All of us have received an overly-large utility bill at some point, and it hurts! Unfortunately, the root of this problem is often found in an inefficient heating method. Whether it’s the dog days of summer or the bitter cold of winter, it doesn’t matter. Heat efficiency is all about reducing

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10 Home Maintenance Tips for Pet Owners

Furry friends make life a lot more fun, but your home occasionally suffers the consequences. If your pet is prone to making messes (even unintentionally), it is important to know what to do. Consider our list of home maintenance tips for pet owners. Tips for a Pet-Friendly Home Whether your

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How to Protect Your Home from Storm Damage

No matter where you live, you are likely to see a storm or two every once in a while. Unfortunately, whether it’s a blizzard, hurricane, tornado, or basic thunderstorm, damage to your home can occur. To preserve the value of your home, make sure you take the proper steps to

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A man moving boxes in to his home when it's time to move

5 Signs It’s Time to Move Homes

Leaving a home can be difficult, especially if you have lived there for a long time and you are sentimentally attached. However, sometimes a move becomes necessary due to financial, personal, or size reasons. What are the signs that it’s time to move homes? How can you know it’s a

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Tips for Paving Your Driveway

Many homeowners wonder if they can pave their own driveway. Technically speaking, you can do anything with the proper materials and instructions. However, paving your driveway is a little more involved than other projects. If you are replacing an already-existing driveway, you will need heavy machinery to break up the

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Is it Better to Build or Buy a Home?

If you are in the market for a new home, you are facing a lot of decisions. One of the first (and hardest) decisions you have to make is whether to build new or buy used. It’s important to do your research, so let’s take a closer look at whether

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Popular Floor Plans for Your Modular Home

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a modular home is the ability to customize your floor plan. Some homebuilders want to start from scratch, while others prefer to choose from an existing style. The beauty of going custom is that you have options. If you haven’t chosen a

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Someone working on a home addition

What Does the Modular Home Addition Process Look Like?

NOTE: Before reading on, it’s important to understand that for various reasons small home additions are not usually cost effective to build modular. Next Modular does not do modular home additions smaller than 700 SF. Next Modular does not do second story home additions of any size.   Whether you

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How Long Does it Take to Build a Modular Home?

Modular homes are a quick, affordable option for custom homebuyers. However, many people believe that the benefits of modular home building are too good to be true. How long does it actually take to build a modular home, and is it worth the investment? How Long Does it Take to

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How to Build a DIY Porch or Deck

Did you know that you don’t have to pay for a deck or porch as part of your custom home building cost? Save money by building your very own DIY porch. Which Materials Do You Need for a DIY Porch? At first glance, building a porch can seem like a

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Turnkey Information - Gutters, Permits, Other Misc

Tips for Installing Gutters on Your Home

While most people prefer to have professionals lay the foundation and build the structure of a new home,  they can save money by doing some of the work themselves. DIY gutters are a great, simple way to save money on a new home, so let’s take a look at the

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Tips for Drilling a Well

Drilling a well can seem intimidating, but if you are a dedicated DIY’er, you can do it yourself. However, most people opt to call in a professional. Whichever way you go, professional or DIY, you need to understand the process so your project runs smoothly. Materials Needed to Dig a

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Turnkey Information - Furnace and Air

Tips for HVAC Maintenance

To preserve the value of your home and to cut down on repair costs, you should perform certain regular maintenance tasks. Regular cleaning and inspection of your HVAC system will prolong its life and possibly prevent expensive repairs. Some HVAC maintenance tasks are DIY. Let’s take a look at how

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DIY Landscaping for Your New Home

Whether you are in the process of building a new home or simply looking to spruce up your current one, you don’t have to break the bank. For those outside our TurnKey Service Area, you take advantage of our Foundation & Set service. This will allow you to save money

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How to Build a Carport

Whether you don’t have a garage or simply need some extra shelter, you can build a carport onto an existing home. Cut back on homebuilding costs by adding a DIY carport to your house. What are the Benefits of Building a Carport? If you have never owned or used a

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concrete patio

How to Pour Concrete for a DIY Patio

DIY work outside the home can save you just as much money as DIY work inside the home. Pouring concrete for a DIY patio is simple and can help you cut down on homebuilding costs. What Do You Need to Pour Concrete for a DIY Patio? Depending on how in-depth

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asphalt driveway

Cut Down on Homebuilding Costs with DIY Projects

Why pay someone else to do what you can do yourself? Most people don’t know how to build a new home from scratch, but there are DIY projects that can save money. For instance, Next Modular, will pour a foundation and set a modular home on it, leaving the rest

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septic system

The Basics of Installing a Septic System

Next Modular can help you save money when you build a new home.  One way of doing that is by giving you the option of finishing out the build yourself. Our company will pour the foundation and set your new modular home. Then you can DIY the rest of the

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finished basement

Finishing a Modular Home Basement

Are you looking to cut down on homebuilding costs by doing your own home projects? A DIY finished basement can save you money while freeing up extra space in your home. What Does it Cost to Finish a Basement? Finishing a basement varies in cost depending on how big your

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How to Increase Floor Space in Your Modular Home

For many homeowners, spring cleaning brings with it the feeling of an overcrowded house. If you are trying to figure out how to create floor space while getting back down to the basics, look no further. We have prepared a helpful list of ways to increase floor space in your

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Spring Cleaning during the Quarantine

Are you bored in quarantine with nothing to do? COVID-19 has changed the daily pace of homeowners around the world, but try your hardest not to go stir crazy. Instead, take advantage of the free time and engage in some spring cleaning and preparation. How Can You Prepare Your Modular

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modular home assembly

Can Modular Homes Be Built During Winter?

Historically, winter weather has hindered the home building process, but this is no longer the case. Modern technology has improved to the point that home construction can take place even throughout the winter season. Leading this technological advancement is the modular home. Consider the following benefits of choosing a modular

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kids playing on hardwood floor

Best Flooring Options for Your Modular Home

One of the benefits of building modular is your ability to fully customize your home. This doesn’t just apply to your layout or floor plan, but extends to every detail, such as decor, appliances, and flooring options. What Are Your Modular Home Flooring Options? Flooring is an important choice for

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When is the Best Time to Buy a Modular Home?

Many individuals, couples, and families dream of building a custom home, but aren’t quite sure when they should take the plunge. When is the best time to buy a modular home, and is modular homebuilding a financially sound option? We’re glad you asked! The Difference Between Modular and Traditional The

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Kitchen Options for Your Modular Home

The beauty of building a modular home is that they are customizable.  If a homeowner wants to create a specific look, employ a certain style, or put a lot of attention into a specific room, they can do so.  For instance, some homeowners might choose to put more effort into

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living room with Christmas tree

Prepare Your Home for the Holiday Season

The holidays are approaching and it is evidenced by the long nights, short days, and brisk temperatures that are already here. Perhaps you are the type of homeowner who thrives during the holiday season, decorating extravagantly and hosting party after party. Or, you may be the type of homeowner who

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piping under the floor

3 Considerations When Building a Modular Home

Are you considering investing in a modular home? Modular home building is a great decision for many reasons, but it is important that you understand the process and any factors that accompany the process. There are 3 primary considerations that a homebuyer should make when building modular. What Should You

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custom modular homes Next Modular goshen IN

Do Modular Homes Maintain Their Value?

Did you know that you can expect a finished modular home to cost about 15% less than it would if you chose to build it in the traditional manner? There are several factors that work together to keep the modular home build cost low, but the real beauty is found

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How Much Does a Modular Home Cost?

On average, a modular home costs 15% less than its exact counterpart that’s built in the traditional manner. The final modular home cost depends on how much customization is involved, your general contractor, and the upgrades you choose for your new home. Below you can see how Next Modular breaks

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One-Person Floor Plans for Modular Homes

One of the many benefits of building a modular home is the flexibility it allows. Whether you are a big family, a married couple, or a single retiree, you can find a floor plan that works for you. One-person floor plans are especially fun to build as they provide a

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home interior

DIY Modular Home Projects

Are you looking for some home improvements you can do yourself? There are many DIY modular home projects that will save you money and add to the appearance of your home. DIY Modular Home Projects 1. Add some texture to the walls. Whether you tackle every wall or just a

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va loan

VA Loans and Modular Homes

Are you wondering if you can use a VA loan to finance your new modular home? VA loans are both possible and popular for qualified candidates who are interested in prefab homebuilding, but there are a few things you need to know. What you need to know about VA loans

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Turnkey Information - Electric Service

What Makes Modular Homes Energy Efficient?

While it is impossible to cut down on energy waste within site-built homes, modular homes offer a number of pre-loaded, energy-efficient benefits. How does building modular increase energy efficiency? Several factors contribute to lower energy use within modular homes. 1. Better insulation Modular homes are factory-constructed into building blocks that

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modular home

Increasing the Curb Appeal of Your Modular Home

Have you been searching for a way to spruce up the outside of your home? Curb appeal adds to the value of your home and it impresses the neighbors. Rather than “keeping up with Jones,” let everyone else scramble to keep up with you. 7 Tips for Increasing Your Home’s

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What Makes Prefab Homebuilding So Fast?

Have you been wondering what makes prefab homebuilding such a quick project? Many homebuyers view the short timeframe with skepticism, but prefabricated homes come with a long list of advantages that contribute to their faster build times. Take a look at the following reasons why building a prefab home is

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Cutting costs

How to Cut Down on Homebuilding Costs

Have you been looking for ways to save money on your home building project? Homebuilding costs can sometimes keep people from upgrading or building their perfect forever home. However, you don’t need to put it off. There are ways you can lower homebuilding costs and start saving money towards building

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modular home

First Steps for First-Time Homebuyers

Buying or building a home for the first time is exciting. However, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration when doing so. As with most things, it is helpful if you know what to expect, so we’ve put together a plan of action for first-time homebuyers that

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home maintenance schedule Next Modular Goshen IN

Spring is Here! A Home Maintenance Checklist

All things look bright and new when Spring arrives! It’s the perfect time for sprucing up your home and making needed repairs. To help you stay organized, we put together this handy maintenance checklist for your modular home that breaks down tasks by season, starting in April.     Home

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building a modular home Next Modular Goshen IN

5 Things To Know Before Building a Modular Home

Prefab homes are one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry. Unlike stick homes, the modular home market actually increased during the housing slump between 1992 and 2002. In fact, modular home purchases grew by 48% while traditional homes fell. Why? For the most part, the answer lies

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older couple

Why Retirees are Upsizing Their Homes

The prevailing thought among homeowners is that when you retire, you should start thinking about downsizing. However, there is an emerging trend among retirees where they are breaking with tradition and adding onto their existing home or even building new. 5 Reasons You May Want to Upsize Your Home There

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painting a modular home

How DIY Saves Money on Modular Home Costs

Can I save on my modular home costs by doing my own [foundation, lighting, garage, etc]? YES! You can save money on modular home costs if you want to do some of the work yourself or contract it out to a family member or friend. In the building industry, this

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Cost to build a home in Indiana

What Does It Cost To Build a Modular Home in Indiana?

Building a home is part of the American dream, but many people think it’s just a pipe dream. Although the cost to build a custom home is prohibitively expensive in some states, in Indiana and Michigan it is surprisingly affordable. This means that your dream home doesn’t have to be a

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How to Build a Modular Home for $215K

Have you dreamed of owning your own home? Do you worry that you will never be able to afford your dream? You might be surprised to learn that it’s entirely possible to build a modular home for $215K and not sacrifice the upgrades that you want. Let’s take a look

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Modern Modular Home

What is the Definition of a Modern Modular Home?

In school, you probably learned the importance of defining things correctly. For instance, all squares are rectangles, but not all rectangles are squares. If you treat all rectangles as squares, you can quickly mess up a math problem. This analogy definitely applies to the modern modular home. Many people confuse

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prefab house

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Prefab House?

You are at a 5-star seafood restaurant. Your friend, who has eaten there, raves about the crab cakes, but you’ve never eaten crab before.  In fact, you’ve never had seafood of any kind. After 20 minutes of looking at the entrees, you give up and order grilled cheese off the kids’

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custom built home Next Modular

What Do People Want from a Custom Built Home?

For many, the thought of building a custom built home seems like a “someday” dream. After all, fancy custom built homes cost a lot of money. Right? Not necessarily. If you choose to build your dream home using modular home construction, you might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it really is.

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modular homes beat rising interest rates

Combat Rising Interest Rates – Buy Modular!

A strong economy and low unemployment generally mean that people have to pay more for goods and services. It also means that interest rates start to rise. According to Freddie Mac, mortgage rates are now at an all-time high. Rising interest rates coupled with a housing shortage are causing home

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Custom Lighting Plans for Your Modular Home

Two of the primary reasons people choose to build a modular home is the pricing and the ability to customize the build to suit their needs.  Almost every aspect of your new modular home can be tailored to you including a custom lighting plan. Have you ever been frustrated with

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general contractor pricing next modular goshen indiana

Is My General Contractor Trying to Rip Me Off?

Recently we fielded an interesting question from one of our new home customers about managing his home building project. He shopped around, gathering quotes, trying to find a General Contractor. He soon discovered that there was quite a difference in pricing and he wanted to know why. So, he asked

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utilities to undeveloped land Next Modular

Getting Utilities to Undeveloped Land

Before you can set your new modular home at your site, you will need to arrange for utility connections. So it is important to plan these connections as soon as possible. Electricity Your home’s location is critical in determining the best approach for tying into existing lines. Determine how far

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The 3 Advantages of a Ranch-Style Modular Home

Ranch-style housing grew in popularity during the mid-20th century. Though it’s named for the sprawling structures one would expect to find on a large piece of land, these houses are typically found in the suburbs. Ranch homes are uniquely American and embody the more informal lifestyle enjoyed in the United

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Next Modular Cape Cod style modular home

What is a Cape Cod Style Modular Home?

When you walk into your new home, it should be an extension of who you are. It begins with the style of home you plan to build, continues with the fixtures you add, and wraps up in the decor you choose. For some, they prefer a sleek and contemporary look.

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How to Maintain Your Septic System

When you can’t tie into the city sewage system, you must install your own septic on-site. Many new homeowners don’t know much about septic systems, so we’ve put together this simple maintenance guide. It’s important to understand your septic system so that you don’t “waste” time and money. Today’s systems

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custom modular homes Next Modular goshen IN

5 Common Misconceptions About Custom Modular Homes

After working with hundreds of homeowners, we’ve found a number of common misconceptions regarding custom modular homes. In order to make the modular home building process easier to understand, here are some of those myths and the reality that goes with them. #1 – You need to purchase a lot

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modular home addition Next Modular Goshen IN

Is a Home Addition Right For You?

NOTE: Before reading on, it’s important to understand that for various reasons small home additions are not usually cost effective to build modular. Next Modular does not do modular home additions smaller than 700 SF. Next Modular does not do second story home additions of any size.   Does your

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What You Need To Know About Modular Home Additions

NOTE: Before reading on, it’s important to understand that for various reasons small home additions are not usually cost effective to build modular. Next Modular does not do modular home additions smaller than 700 SF.  Next Modular does not do second story home additions of any size.   Over the

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modular home financing

Modular Home Financing – What are My Options?

There are a lot of things to think about when considering building or buying a new modular home. Probably the most pressing question on everyone’s mind is “how do I pay for this”?  Modular home financing will differ from one person to the next. It is important to be informed

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