Popular Floor Plans for Your Modular Home

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a modular home is the ability to customize your floor plan. Some homebuilders want to start from scratch, while others prefer to choose from an existing style. The beauty of going custom is that you have options. If you haven’t chosen a layout, take the time to study a few popular floor plans for your modular home.

Popular Modular Home Floor Plans

If you decide to choose from an existing style, consider the following popular floor plans. Remember, you don’t have to stick to an exact design. You are free to make adjustments and to personalize an existing layout.

  • Ranch

A ranch-style home is a short, one-story building with a simple interior and exterior. Usually, it is shaped like an L, with the garage jutting out from the rest of the house. Ranch-style homes feature small roofs, which do not hold up well against ice and snow. Consequently, ranch-style homes fit better in warm locations unless you customize the roof.

  • Cape Cod

On the other end of the spectrum, Cape Cod floor plans boast several stories, strong, sloped roofs, and shuttered windows. The sloped roof creates extra storage space in the form of an attic. Cape Cod modular homes handle cold weather well.

  • Modern

A modern modular home floor plan is all about open space and sleek lines. Because a “modern” floor plan has no signature features or characteristics, you can design the inside exactly as you desire. The term “modern” simply gives you a starting point for your creativity and imagination.

  • Multi-Story

Many popular floor plans feature multiple stories. However, a multi-story home has a specific design from the beginning. The entire layout focuses on the functionality of the two stories. Unlike a Cape Cod home, where the roof slants steeply, a multi-story modular home often features a gently sloped roof. Usually, the upper story is devoted to bedrooms, while the lower story lends itself to the living room, kitchen, etc.

Ways to Customize Your Floor Plan

Once you choose a general style, you can continue to customize your floor plan according to your individual needs and desires. Factors you might want to personalize include the following.

  • Size

Overall size is an important factor to consider. How much room does your family need? Do you have pets? Do you prefer open space or a minimalist lifestyle?

  • Proportions

How large do you want your kitchen compared to your living room? Do you want your living room to receive the most attention? How large should the bedrooms be in comparison to one another?

  • Storage

If you have many storage items, consider devoting an extra room to storage only. Don’t forget to add built-in shelving, cabinets, etc.

  • Openness

Think about how open you want your home to be. If you don’t want an entirely open floor plan, consider which rooms you prefer to remain “hidden.”

  • Layout

The functionality of your home’s layout is important. You probably want a bathroom near your bedroom and loud areas (like the laundry room) away from your bedroom. Think about possible conveniences as well as possible annoyances.

How Can You Tell Which Floor Plan is Right for You?

Before settling on a floor plan, evaluate the decision carefully. A good way to gauge your needs as a homeowner is to ask yourself plenty of questions. Consider these questions.

  • What do you like the most about your current floor plan?
  • What do you like the least about your current floor plan?
  • Which room is the most important to you?
  • How close do you want bathrooms to bedrooms?
  • Will you need an addition down the line?
  • What is your budget?

How Can We Help?

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of modular homebuilding, do not hesitate to call us today. At Next Modular, we know that choosing a home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As an experienced modular home builder, we are committed to being your guiding light through this process.

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