The Best Kitchen Layout for a Modular Home

Let’s talk about the busiest and oftentimes, most congested, room in the house. The kitchen. What makes this room the central hub of activity? I think we can come to the same conclusion – food. And let’s not forget the espresso machine or the sleek pour over. People love to congregate around food and drinks. While this fact may appeal to some and irritate others, it really is the truth. Thus, the layout of your kitchen needs serious consideration. Before we dive into the nuances of such a decision, let’s go over the four basic kitchen designs.

The Galley

One section of the counter and cabinets is parallel to the wall, and the other section known as an “island,” is stationed in the middle of the kitchen. This is one of the more popular kitchen layouts. The island offers more countertop space as well as a means for people to pull up a stool and eat breakfast at the counter. Some people have stationed their sink and dishwasher in the island to give them more countertop space against the wall. This layout allows you to use the dining room table less, and it gives you a central location to set items down and serve food during large gatherings. The downside of this layout is that the kitchen will be more congested.

The “L” shaped layout

You basically create a L out of the countertop and cabinets. For people who are very serious about their kitchen only being used as a kitchen, this layout appeals to them. The eating stays in the dining room area and the kitchen stays the place of cooking and washing. People have added islands to this design, but for the sake of this article, we’ll omit the island and just keep it as an “L” shaped layout.

The “U” shaped layout 

Again, it’s taking your countertops and cabinets and making a “U” shape out of them. I would say this layout is for a person or family who has a larger than average kitchen and most likely, a larger array of kitchen appliances. If your kitchen is part of your livelihood or if you host most of your family events, a “U” shaped layout will definitely give you all the countertop and appliance space you need.

The “Peninsula” layout

This layout mimics the “U” shape but offers an additional countertop and cabinets that stretch out a few feet to the right. This layout is for a large kitchen area and provides a few feet of extra countertop space and cabinet storage.

Now let’s review modular homes. They come in many shapes and sizes, but the average modular is designed for more of a standard size kitchen. Most often than not, the  kitchen flows straight to the dining room. This seamless convergence may call for a “L” shaped layout. Whether the kitchen is on the left or the right, a “L” shape layout allows for more transitional space between the kitchen and the dining room. I believe a five or six foot island in between the two, provides additional convenience and offers a bit of a barrier to separate the two rooms. 

If your modular floor plan has limited kitchen and dining space, I would recommend omitting the island. The “L” shape would still offer the most space saving countertop and cabinet access. 

Now let’s consider a modular layout with 1800 sq feet of space. Like I stated earlier, most modular homes are designed with a seamless flow from the kitchen to the dining room. Since we have more space to work with, let’s imagine you want an added separation between the two rooms. In this scenario, I would suggest a “U” shaped design. This would give you ample space to utilize countertops and cabinets while being separated from the dining room. 

Ultimately, you must consider how you want your kitchen to serve your needs and the needs of your guests. Take time to study the floor plans you have found most desirable, and think through the flow between the kitchen and dining room. How do you want your kitchen to serve you?

If you’re still stumped on which design is best for you, I encourage you to look at our wide variety of floor plans. We offer everything from a 900 sq ft ranch to a 2800 sq ft two story. Once you’ve had the opportunity to review the different kitchen layouts, you’ll be much better prepared to design your own!

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