10 Great Ideas for Your Finished Basement

Your basement is a key part of your house but deciding what to do with it after it is finished can be difficult. There are many uses for a basement, and deciding which one will benefit you the most is important. When designing a purpose for your finished basement you should consider your needs, your budget, and your hobbies. However, if you’re struggling to make a decision, here are some great ideas for your finished basement!

Decorate Your Basement

Decorating your basement may seem like a small thing but it can have a large impact on the functionality and aesthetic of your home. Because of how much time you will spend down there you should refrain from making it feel boring and lifeless. Making the room just a bit more interesting with knick-knacks or pictures will improve the overall tone of the room. 

Turn Your Basement Into An Office

If you work from home, or just want a place where you can think, making yourself an office space is an excellent decision that can boost the quality of your work. When you have a dedicated area to focus on something, it makes it easier to block out distractions and produce quality work. You’ll find yourself being far more productive and focused if you have a quiet and professional place to get things done.

Transform Your Basement Into A Playroom

If you have kids then you understand how quickly they can destroy a home. Couch cushions on the floor, pots and pans everywhere, children truly know how to make the world their playground. If you want to limit the chaos, you can turn your finished basement into a playroom. 

On the other hand, if you don’t have kids, or they are older, consider putting in items such as a pool table or a game cabinet. Turning your basement into a game room will make it more enjoyable for your family to spend time together, and will make your friends jealous when you have them over! Having a game room setup downstairs can help you get away from the craziness of life and unwind whenever you need to.

Create A Home Gym

Scheduling time to work out is hard enough, but taking time to drive to and from a gym can make it even harder. Waiting to use a certain piece of equipment, or having to work out next to the guy who screams every time he lifts can make your workout experience less than ideal. Building a home gym is a great way to get away from all of that. Having a convenient place to exercise also saves you money and time meaning both you and your wallet will be in good shape!

Installing A Home Theater

While there are many ideas for your finished basement, a home movie theater is one of the best! Going to the movie theatres can get expensive, so why not bring them to you? The magic of the big screen is captured perfectly in a dark basement! it will also save you on things such as the lines, expensive food, and ads you encounter at local theatres. 

Get Exciting Flooring

The flooring should be at the top of your list when designing your basement. Cheap flooring wears out quickly, meaning you’ll be due for another renovation in a few years. Take time to consider what type of quality flooring will meet your needs. Decide whether or not you want to walk on things like cozy carpet, ceramic flooring, or combined floor types and go from there. Do some research and find a design you’re happy with!

Choose The Right Walls

Much like flooring, the walls are a key piece of the room. People are bound to notice your walls, so you should make it a priority to find something that’s easy to look at. For example, things like mixed wood walls can give you a cabin feel if that appeals to you. Alternatively, you could do charcoal, stone, or brick if you want to experiment with different textures. 

Put An Emphasis On The Lighting

Another one of the great ideas for your finished basement is to bring some life into the room with exciting and bright lighting. You can buy things such as LED strips and put them around the corner of your ceiling in order to give yourself an option for a variety of colors. You could also go more classical and install a chandelier or a lamp in the areas which need more light. 

Give Yourself An Area To Do Laundry

Not everyone has the space necessary on the ground floor to put a washing machine/dryer comfortably. And even then, washing machines can be loud, disrupting nap time or family game night. Consider creating a designated space in your basement where you can do laundry. This can go a long way towards making your home more enjoyable.

Make A Tidy Storage Space

Of course, you could always turn your finished basement into storage. Having extra space to put stuff you’re not using right now can be quite helpful and will keep the rest of your house from feeling crowded. You might even section on part of your basement for this purpose. That way you can utilize your basement for something else as well without having to pay for a storage facility. 

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