Questions To Ask Your Modular Home Builder Before Buying

If you’re in the market for a new home, a modular home is a great way to get even more home for your money. Conventional construction is slow and expensive. Prefab homes delivered and setup are literally the exact same construction for up to 15% less money. And unlike most site built homes, there are modular homes ready for delivery that you can tour, and see for yourself the kind of quality and craftsmanship you can expect, BEFORE you build it for yourself.

Ask The Right Questions First

If you are interested in modular homes delivered to your property, the first logical step would be to start a conversation with a contractor that can help you with the process. But, if you’re like most people you might not know where to start with questions. Next Modular is here to help. We’ve already addressed the most common frequently asked questions on our website such as:

  • Do you build modular homes in my area?
  • Do you have Model Homes I can tour?
  • How does the financing work?

Beyond that, there are a lot more questions that you might not have thought of that could be very helpful to you and your contractor. The thing to remember is that prebuilt homes delivered to your property are still made to order, just like a site built home,  so you can and should order that home to suit your needs. Here are a few questions that could be helpful in getting the ball rolling with your new home:

“I’m retiring soon and I need to consider handicap accessibility in the future, what are my options for that?”


This is not relevant for everyone but it’s definitely worth considering and discussing for some. This is also a big deal for folks raising children with handicap accessibility needs or caring for an aging parent. Things like tubs, showers and countertop heights have a profound effect on a differently abled person’s quality of life. And chances are that there are things related to accessibility that you aren’t even aware that prebuilt homes delivered could come equipped with. 

“I want to start small and add onto my home in the future as my family grows; are prefab homes delivered and setup for future add-ons an option?”


Modular homes (just like site built homes) are fully customizable. So you can dream big for how you might add finished square footage to your new home in the future. This might be accomplished by finishing out a basement but you still need egress windows for bedrooms and plumbing in the poured concrete floor if you want bathrooms in the future. So adding this concern into your list of conversation topics could prove really important to save you money on future additions.

“Are there modular homes ready for delivery that have finished framed openings for future windows or sliding doors if I want to add them later?”


If you’re like most people, you love a lot of natural light in your home but maybe you don’t have the money to get all the windows that you want right from the start. Discussing this with your contractor could be a huge help for adding those windows or doors in the future. They can more than likely frame those windows into the walls for very little money and just drywall over them to be cut in later.  

“Are prefab homes delivered and setup for wind or solar energy?”


With the price of gas, propane, and electricity consistently going up, you might be interested in having wind or solar equipment to supplement your energy usage. Talking this over with your contractor will almost certainly reveal a wealth of information and possibilities that you’ve never considered. What are your options for prebuilt homes delivered prewired for wind/solar? What about prefab homes delivered with all electric appliances and heat for future solar panel additions? 

“Can I add a backup generator to my home build?” 


Maybe you have frequent power outages where your property is located and you’d like to have a generator and automatic transfer switch pre-installed in your new home. Are modular homes delivered ready for that sort of thing? It’s worth discussing with your contractor. 

“I notice all the homes on your website have vinyl siding and asphalt shingles; what other materials are available?”


Obviously brick/stone masonry are too heavy and fragile for modular homes delivered by traditional means, but some people might want fiber cement siding or a metal roof, and yes, that can be done. If that’s something you might be interested in, you’ll definitely want to know your options for what you can get before you buy. 

There are lots of other questions that are great to discuss with your contractor, but hopefully this article has gotten your gears turning for what other questions you might have. If you’re still in need of a contractor or you’re not even sure how to get started, it might be time to give Next Modular a call. When you choose to work with Next Modular, you are partnering with a caring team of dedicated professionals. We have decades of experience building quality, affordable homes for our valued customers.


At Next Modular, we know that choosing a home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As an experienced modular home builder, we are committed to being your guiding light through this process.

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