3 Reasons You’ll Love a Cape Cod Style Modular Home

As experienced turnkey home builders, we can tell you that turnkey prefab homes are the best and easiest option for a stress-free build. However, because hiring a builder for turnkey modular homes costs a little more than when you run the job yourself, many people must contend with the space between the house they want to build, and the house they are able to build right now. Even if you’re not planning to go with the turnkey option, you still may face this dilemma. One of the best ways to bridge the gap between what you want and what you can afford is to build a Cape Cod style modular home with built-in potential for future expansion. If you long for a warm and charming home that is adaptable to your current and long-term goals, here are three reasons you’ll love a Cape Cod style modular home:

#1 – Classic design appeal

When you picture your dream home, if the image you see is one of clean lines and perfect symmetry, of a central door and evenly spaced windows with shutters and flower boxes, you’re probably dreaming of a Cape Cod style modular home. This home style was first built on the New England coast in the 1800’s, then enjoyed a second wave of popularity between 1920 and 1950, this time spreading across the country. Cape Cod homes feature steeply sloped roofs, dormer windows, gables and a simplicity of design which makes them well-suited as turnkey prefab homes. Turnkey home builders like Next Modular do all the work of pulling permits, laying the foundation and delivering and setting the home, so all that’s left is to choose between geraniums and petunias for the window boxes. If you’re drawn to traditional architectural styles, you’ll love the cozy, cottage aesthetic of a Cape Cod style modular home. 

#2 – Efficiency and flexibility

A second reason you’ll love a Cape Cod style modular home is for its efficiency. The main level of a Cape Code style home is a simple rectangle that neatly fits every essential home space into one floor. However, that same simple floor plan allows for flexibility, so that based on your needs, you can choose a larger kitchen and dining with fewer bedrooms, or a more efficient kitchen with a roomier master suite. A builder of turnkey manufactured homes, like Next Modular, works with you to choose a floorplan that maximizes space in the parts of your home that matter most to you. If you choose the turnkey option, we will be managing all the details of your new home, such as hooking up electrical and plumbing and pouring the driveway. You’ll be able to focus your energy on choosing or customizing a floor plan that fits your needs precisely.

#3 – Unfinished Upper Level

The number one reason you’ll love a Cape Cod style modular home is the potential created by the unfinished upper level. Because Cape Cod style homes boast a steeply pitched roof and dormer windows, the home can be built with an unfinished upper level. This allows an individual or family to live in the main-level finished space as long as desired, with the knowledge that when ready, the upper level is framed in and waiting to be finished to provide additional bedrooms. Cape Cod style turnkey manufactured homes are affordable and set you up for expansion down the road. Cape Cod style turkey modular homes are a natural choice for young couples dreaming of adding bedrooms for children, or for investment-minded people looking for ways to increase the value of their home.


If you’re excited to build a starter home brimming with potential but feel intimidated by all the unknowns like installing a well and septic, we are builders of turnkey modular homes who would love to build a stress-free Cape Cod style home for you. We’ll guide you through choosing a floor plan with an unfinished second level, arrange for the well, septic and everything else, and you can keep dreaming of the crib or art studio you’ll put up there one day.

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