Helpful Planning Tips for Your New Modular Home Construction

So You’ve signed the sales contract and secured your construction loan. Now what? Well, let’s discuss some helpful planning tips to prepare for your new modular home.

#1. Practice Good Communication.

Good communication with your General Contractor is top priority. They will need to work with you to ensure your land is cleared and prepped for the excavation of your foundation and the installation of your well and septic. It takes a manufacturer about 2-3 months to complete a modular home. Within this time frame, your General Contractor will be obtaining building permits, clearing your lot, excavating your foundation, and installing utilities. Despite this process being fairly easy to execute, obstacles can still arise and will need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Consistent communication between you and your General Contractor is the best defense against all potential challenges.

#2. Waiting Period.

Unfortunately, you can’t just move in as soon as your house is set on the foundation. It will take your General Contractor 2-3 months to complete the hvac install, plumbing and electrical hookups, garage, porch, and driveway. All of these projects have to be done on site and after the home is set. This is the part all of us want to go as smoothly as possible! And, it usually does. Just keep the first tip in mind during this waiting period and hope for the best.

#3. Paying Bills.

There will be an interest payment on every draw you make for your modular home. Before your construction loan rolls into a regular mortgage payment, you will be making monthly interest payments on the amount that your builder draws for each stage of the project. Also, before the modular home is set, your General Contractor will be contacting utility companies to sign up for service to your new abode. Start preparing for monthly utility bills early, so that you can stay organized and in the know.

#4. Furniture.

It’s helpful to review every room on your floor plan and deliberate how much of your former furniture you can reuse. Although it’s tempting to put all new furniture in your brand new house, your budget will thank you if you reuse what you can and only buy what you really require. When you assess your furniture needs early, you can take advantage of good sales throughout the coming months.

#5. Storage.

It’s time to revisit all of the household stuff you’ve been storing for the past several months. I recommend keeping what you must have to make your new home fully functional, organized, and comfortable; then disposing of the items that are ineffectual. Less clutter contributes to a peaceful and congenial atmosphere in the home. 

#6. Consider When Your Home Will Come Offline.

Depending on when you purchased your home, the factory may have it finished in a challenging part of the season. Your modular could be move-in ready during a period of heavy snowfall or during summer storms. Regardless, it’s helpful to plan ahead and prepare yourself to respond accordingly. 

#7. Relax.

If you’re following all the tips previously mentioned, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you need more information, please review the FAQs page on our website.

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