What Do People Want from a Custom Built Home?

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For many, the thought of building a custom built home seems like a “someday” dream. After all, fancy custom built homes cost a lot of money. Right?

Not necessarily.

If you choose to build your dream home using modular home construction, you might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive it really is.

With a reputable, experienced modular home builder, a custom home can be both affordable and practical. You can purchase the ideal house for your families needs and save money while doing it. To prove the point, let’s take a look at what people want from a custom built home.

Custom = Flexible

Think about where you currently live. Would you like to have a bigger bathroom? Are there enough bedrooms? Would you prefer that your kitchen windows looked out the other side of the house?

If you build a custom home, then you can make those changes.  For instance, think of your new modular home as being made up of interlocking sections. As long as you don’t violate the structural integrity of the house, you can rearrange those sections into any configuration. Move a bedroom downstairs. Put your laundry room on the top floor. Build a secret room. It’s all doable.

The flexibility of modular homes isn’t limited to the floorplan. You can add custom lighting plans, central vacuuming, even heated floors if you so desire. It really is the ideal way to get the home you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Modular = Savings

OK, so it’s true that you can have all those things built in the traditional way, for a price. However, what people really want is their dream home built while staying within their realistic budget. The beautiful thing is that modular homes (even customized ones) cost 15%-20% less than they would if they had been stick-built. That’s like getting 20% in upgrades for free.

The reason they cost less is that you don’t have to worry about construction waste. Materials are stored at the factory and used for multiple projects. Buying in bulk gives your builder a discount which he then passes along to you. Plus, you don’t just save on building costs. Modular homes are so tightly constructed that you will save money on utility bills and repairs. When it comes time to resell your modular home, nobody will even know that it’s any different than any other home on the street, unless you brag about how well it’s built.

Modular = Fast

One custom home builder advertises that he will complete a build within a year.

Why a year?

Well, custom-building usually means long hours with a designer or architect. Then, once construction starts, there are still many decisions to make and as time moves along, seasonal changes cause delays and before you know it, a year has gone by.

That’s just not how it works when you build a custom modular home.

When you start the building process for a modular home, you will generally start by picking out a floor plan that closely matches your ideal layout. Then, you will meet with your builder and go over any changes you would like to make. He can advise you or suggest alterations to your plan if needed. In fact, he may know of a modular home floor plan that more closely matches what you are looking for. After the consultation, plans will be drawn up for your customized home so you can start the process of getting a construction loan.

Once the home is set on the foundation, the process is very fast and most homeowners can move into their new home within 90-120 days.

Yes! 90-120 days.

What do people want from a custom built home?

They want to see their dream come to life and they don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg to do it. A custom-built modular home allows them to build the perfect home for their lifestyle and save money. A home is a huge investment and so much more than just walls and a roof. It’s the peaceful escape from a hectic world, and where you build memories with family and friends.

Now is the time! Make your dreams of a custom built home a reality.

If you plan to build a home in Goshen, Indiana, or anywhere in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, then let Next Modular build your dream home. We build modular homes for families in Indiana and Michigan. Compare prices and learn why modular homes are such a good investment.

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