When is the Best Time to Buy a Modular Home?

Many individuals, couples, and families dream of building a custom home, but aren’t quite sure when they should take the plunge. When is the best time to buy a modular home, and is modular homebuilding a financially sound option? We’re glad you asked!

The Difference Between Modular and Traditional

The reason many homebuyers hesitate to go custom is that they are looking at the wrong information. They research traditional custom homes and see red flags like material fees, weather delays, scheduling errors, etc. While custom modular homes end up looking the same as custom stick-built homes, the building process looks much different.

For instance, if you decide to build a traditional home in the winter, ice and snow can cause countless building delays and increase your building cost. On the other hand, contractors build your modular home in a factory and then assemble it on location. This eliminates weather delays and the need to choose a “best season” for homebuilding. As a result, the housing market becomes the homebuyer’s primary consideration.

What Does the Current Housing Market Look Like?

As far as the general housing market is concerned, we’re glad to tell you that now is the best time to buy a modular home. As the cost of site-built homes increases due to rising demand, the price of building modular remains stable and consistent. This is because professionals build modular homes directly to order without being affected by weather, material fees, delayed assembly, etc.

What Does a Modular Home Timeline Look Like?

Building times vary based on the size and complexity of each order. However, from order to delivery, most modular homes can be built in 3-4 months, while traditional custom homes take up to a year. Most modular companies follow the same building timeline, which looks like this.

  • Choose a floor plan and design the home layout.
  • Begin site prep.
  • Build the foundation while modules are being constructed in the factory.
  • Transport and assemble modules on location.
  • Finish hookups and complete final walk-through.

One of the major benefits of building modular is that the home foundation can be constructed while the home itself is being constructed. This saves a lot of time and speeds up the process considerably.

Other Benefits of Building Modular

Now is the time to buy your custom home, but what are some other advantages of building modular?

1. Cost-efficiency

The biggest advantage of building modular is its consistently low cost. Thanks to faster building time and less material waste, you will spend far less on a modular home than a traditional home.

2. As custom as you want it to be

Some homebuyers want a fully custom home, while others prefer to choose from a list of existing floor plans. When building modular, you can do either, working alongside an experienced designer to build the home of your dreams.

3. Easy to add to later

Think of your modular home as being a set of “building blocks” that can be added to later. Whether you are a growing family or you just haven’t decided if you want that finished basement, there’s always room to add and improve.

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of modular homebuilding, do not hesitate to call us today. At Next Modular, we know that choosing a home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As an experienced modular home builder, we are committed to being your guiding light through this process.

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