Turnkey Modular Homes

You can select a turnkey modular home from Next Modular, customize it to fit your needs, specify what other work you want done (septic, well, garage, porch, tree removal, etc), and we will complete the entire project for you, from initial building permits all the way through handing the keys over.

We are a turnkey modular home builder in Indiana and Michigan, meaning we can do everything for you, and hand over the keys to your beautiful new home at the end. Most of our clients take advantage of our turnkey manufactured homes, and it’s what we love doing! 

We will obtain the building permits, demo the old home if you have one, clear the lot, install the foundation, deliver and set the home, hook up all the plumbing/electric/gas, install the well and septic, build the garage and porch, pour the driveway, sweep out your home, and hand you the keys at the end.

For a very in-depth look at how our turnkey prefab homes work, check out our Turn-Key  process page.

Who can benefit from a Turn-Key build?

Our Turn-Key option is perfect for anyone who wants to build an affordable new home, but doesn’t want the headache of having to coordinate all the work themselves. We will do everything for you.

  • Ranch Homes
  • 2-Story Homes
  • Vacation Homes
  • Lake Houses
  • Churches
  • Church Parishes
  • Starter Homes
  • In-Laws Quarters
  • Office Buildings

Turn-Key Service Area

Due to the intense hands-on nature of a Turn-Key project, we only offer this service in areas where we have a local Project Manager (see map for details). Please reach out for more information on our turnkey modular homes if you are unsure.

What You Need to Know

Next Modular will build and customize your modular home, and complete all other Site Work necessary to turn over a fully finished home to you.

“Site Work” is referring to anything other than the modular home itself. If you aren’t sure whether a certain item is considered “site work” ask yourself this question: “does this item roll out of the factory?” If the answer is “no,” it’s considered Site Work. Here’s a list of some of the items considered Site Work:

  • The basement or crawlspace foundation
  • Demolishing old homes or structures on the property
  • The septic system and well, or city hookups for the same
  • AC condenser outside (furnace can be done in the factory)
  • Building a garage, porch, deck, patio, or pole barn
  • All utility connections such as drains under the home, gas lines, water lines
  • Electric meterbase, service and hookup, gas service and piping hookup,
  • Tree removal if needed, landscaping/lawn seeding
  • Gutters and downspouts
  • Anything else that is done on the property before or after the home is set on the foundation


We do it all!

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