Prefab Homes & Modular Homes – What Is the Difference?

Everyone recognizes the fact that all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles. It is the same with modular homes. All modular homes are prefab homes, but you cannot say that all prefab homes are modular homes. For instance, a mobile home is a prefab home but there are huge differences between modular homes and mobile homes.

What are prefab homes?

Normally when people use the term ‘prefab home’ they are talking about a modular home. Prefab homes consist of several units built in a controlled factory environment and then assembled on location. Depending on the home, these sub-assemblies could be nothing more than a wall or they could be entire rooms or wings of a home. All of this is determined by the modular home floorplan and the customizations taking place.


How can you customize a prefab home?

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I don’t know how many of you have ever played with Micro Machines. Galoob produced these tiny little playsets that interlocked with one another directly or with tracks. Parents would purchase any number of these little modules and kids would assemble them together in an infinite number of ways. The result was a unique, custom structure, made up of these smaller units.

A prefab home or modular home is customized the same way. Most homeowners will start with a modular home floorplan and then tweak it to suit their needs. Do you want to add a basement and an extra bedroom? No problem! Would you like to put a shop on the back of the garage? Sure thing!
The customizations don’t stop there, of course. Inside the home, you get to pick the same things that you would if you were having your home built on site.
  • Wall Color
  • Appliances
  • Carpet
  • Counters
And so on…  Your home won’t resemble any other prefab home built at that same manufacturing plant.


Why do people buy prefab homes?

The answer to that questions is easy. People are drawn to prefab homes by the cost and become true converts when they realize the quality of what they are getting.

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The concept of the prefab home came about as a way to minimize construction waste and drive down building costs. Not only was a prefab home less expensive to build but they were also more energy efficient. Because of the industry’s exacting standards and rigid quality control, prefab homes saved homeowners money all the way around.
Quality of construction comes because not only do prefab homes have to meet local building codes, they also have to meet quality control guidelines at the facility. These are often more stringent than those required by local governments. The materials used in construction do not have to sit out in the elements until they are installed. Finally, prefab home manufacturers have steady work year around and can afford to employ skilled labor full-time as opposed to using contractors that come and go with the season.


How can you learn more about prefab homes?

Next Modular came about when the owner, Joel Comino,  realized what a need there was in the home industry for quality builders that actually listen to and take care of their customers.

“Some home builders crank out over 300 homes a year. Their cookie-cutter type houses are generally medium to low quality and the builder can’t possibly have any kind of relationship with the customer because they’re just too busy. That is where we are different from the competition. I’m a small (compared to the big guys!) hometown builder, and I truly take the time to listen to your needs. I treat each project as if it was my own, and I stay very hands-on with each project. It’s pretty funny, but some people get really surprised when I show up to their new home with a tool belt on, ready to work.”  – Joel Comino, Next Modular Homes

If you plan to build a home in Goshen, Indiana, or anywhere else in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, or Ohio, Next Modular can build and assemble a customized prefab home on your building site. Select one of their hundreds of modular home floor plans and call Next Modular to find out how you customize it into your very own dream home.


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