The Best Modular Home Floor Plan for Growing Families

All too often, couples are forced to move because their house no longer ‘works’ for them. For instance, what would you do if an injury suddenly required the use of a wheelchair or your aging parents came to stay with you? What if you find yourself expecting again? Is your floor plan the best for your growing family?

Building for All Stages of Your Life

We would all agree that the ideal house grows with you over time. With just a little planning you can find a modular home floor plan that works for all the stages of your life.


Whether you are building a new modular home or adding a home addition, accessibility should always be a consideration. We strongly recommend that your modular home floor plan have at least one bedroom and full bathroom on the first floor. For elderly guests or those with mobility issues, stairs can often present a problem. A first-floor bedroom makes it easy for them and also comes in handy after an illness or surgery.

The bedroom does not need to be large and it can double as an office or playroom if it’s not needed as a bedroom.

Wider Doors and Hallways

Consider changing your modular home floor plan to include 36-inch doors throughout your modular home.  Most plans are fully customizable. Just ask your modular home builder for help finding the right floor plan.

Apart from that, you can opt for an open modular home floor plan that provides a clear path throughout the main floor and to the first-floor bedroom. That bedroom and your main bathroom should have those wider doorways to allow for wheelchair access.

You should also allow for a 42-inch wide entry door. Not only will this make it easier for those with disabilities but you will love it during move-in day. Getting appliances through the wider doorway is a piece of cake.

Washable Paint

Small kids like to color on the walls. It’s going to happen at some point.

Because of this, washable latex paint makes sense.  Scrubbing down the walls will take off fingerprints and crayons, so you aren’t forced to repaint. The last thing we want to do at any age is to climb a ladder and paint the walls. Who has time for that?

Choose a light color for your walls. The reflected light helps improve mood and also helps with vision problems. Conversely, make sure your floors are dark. The contrast between the two makes it easier for those with vision issues to navigate through the rooms.

modular home windows Next Modular Goshen INBig Windows or Good Lighting

Extra lighting is absolutely necessary if you want a home you can age in comfortably. Your modular home floor plan should include lots of windows. You should also install plenty of light fixtures.

  • General Lighting
  • Task Lighting
  • Ambient Lighting

By installing dimmer switches in the bathrooms and hallways, you can create ambient lighting or ‘nightlights’ for getting around in the dark. This is helpful for kids, new parents, and the elderly.

Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation (HVAC)

Indiana summers are hot and the winters are cold, so the HVAC system in your modular home is important. When you build your new home, you want to make sure you install the properly sized unit. This saves you money on electric bills and prolongs the life of your furnace. HVAC is not one of the things that you should try to cut costs on.

Plus, when you reach certain stages of life (where the wife is always hot and the husband freezes) you need an HVAC unit that can withstand the up and down fight over the thermostat.

Other Considerations for your ‘Forever Home’ Modular Home Floor Plan

Opt for low-maintenance items if you want a ‘forever home.’ Those beautiful granite countertops will have to be maintained regularly. White carpet is going to show dirt. Grout must be scrubbed and sealed. Purchase easy-to-maintain appliances (e.g. self-cleaning oven) and light fixtures that take LED lighting. That way you only have to replace bulbs about once every ten years.

At Next Modular, we know that building a home is likely one of the most important financial decisions you will make. As an experienced modular home builder, we are committed to being your guiding light through this process.

If you need a modular home built near Goshen IN, call Next Modular at (574) 334-9590.

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