How to Move into a New Home Without Jeopardizing Your Relationship

No one denies that moving is a stressful experience. Your finances will be stretched, something will inevitably go wrong during the process, and you may lose more sleep than you initially anticipate. However, this doesn’t mean you need to take it out on each other. If you plan well and work together, you can have a smooth transition into a brand new home.

Plan Together

Couples who plan together, stay together. You need to open up about the things you want from a property and the things you need. This may not be easy at first, so don’t rush each other; this is a big step, and you will need honesty and forethought to get through it. Consider making separate lists, and then compare your notes. You want to think beyond the house itself, as well. What do you want out of a neighborhood or new city? Do you want a yard or a nearby dog park? What about schools and proximity to work? Is having a shared wall or driveway a deal-breaker? Once you compare lists, you will have an idea of where you both should begin looking.

Hiring Help

Nothing will make things easier than bringing in professional movers. Whether that means movers alone or using packers as well, they will make your life much simpler. You won’t have to make multiple trips, and your belongings are more likely to make it to your new home intact. Of course, do some research before you plan on when you want to hire your chosen company. After all, the busiest time of year is April to May, so prices will be more expensive. Weekends in July and August are also busy, so aim for mid-week if possible. Once you have the date, check online and look at reviews to see which company is the most reliable and reasonably priced. The most important thing is to ensure they have insurance and are fully licensed.


Moving can be an expensive ordeal, and nothing puts wear and tear on a relationship like a financial strain. That’s why you need a proper budget in place to ensure you have enough disposable cash to cover your expenses, both planned and unexpected. Factor in packing supplies, taking time off work, and potentially hiring movers. If you have a long journey, you may have to cover temporary accommodation as you travel. Also, don’t forget things like property taxes, home inspection, and other fees associated with buying a home. You are going to need more than your down payment before you begin your new venture.

Take Breaks

You’re going to have moments where stress overwhelms you. This is natural, but it can be harmful to your relationship if you don’t handle it the right way. You’re more likely to be annoyed by the little things or to snap at your loved one when you feel at your wits’ end. To keep yourself from being overwhelmed or taking things out on your partner, give yourself a break. That means you need to schedule a time where you unwind, both together and separately. No discussions of work, the current home you’re looking at, or anything that could be triggering. Instead, use this time to decompress and simply enjoy each other’s company doing something fun or relaxing.

Compromise Over Things

Don’t expect your partner to be the only one to compromise. You may have different ideas when it comes to where to move or what you’re looking for in a home. That’s natural, and you shouldn’t be worried about it. However, that means you will both need to compromise at some point. Think about what is best for you both, not just yourself. Your partner may want to be near work, and you may want to live in the country, but you can get around that, for example, by looking for a home with a large backyard in the suburbs.

You may be overwhelmed at times, and that’s to be expected. Be each other’s strength when you need it, and know where to get the right help. This is going to be a challenge, but all the worthwhile things are. Just remember: You and your partner can do this.


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